Project Feature: Tuckers Town

Project Feature: Tuckers Town

Our latest project in Tuckers Town allowed us to showcase our range of expertise. We locally built and installed exterior shutters, an outdoor shower deck, outdoor gates and frames, a radius pergola, lattices, a firewood storage unit and a several benches. The windows and shutters – accounting for the majority of the work – were built from Accoya wood, known primarily for its durability and rot resistance.

The Architect for this project was Mr. Colin Campbell, and we were more than happy to help realize his vision. We worked with him on a previous project using his award winning “Clamshell” shutter design, so we quickly understood the aesthetic he sought to achieve. In total we built nearly 80 shutters for the property, with Colin’s unique shutter accounting for most of them.

The Clamshell design built for this property is complimentary to the window height and the height of the homeowners. There is a 2/3 to 1/3 ratio between the top and bottom shutter, and the push out rods used measure 56” long. We think the Architect took an ingenious approach to not only the shutter design, but also the specific application for this property.

We also helped the homeowners create an outdoor shower area located on their footpath to the ocean. An open shower area, we were able to site it in a discrete location along the bay leaf plants and natural features in the area.  The Ipe wood deck and shower beautifully integrates into the landscape while retaining its practicality.

The other pieces built during the project were made using Spanish Cedar. The radius pergolas were the most interesting to build. They are always challenging in terms of getting the proportions correct and installing it on-site. Sometimes the pergola can look disproportional to a space, but we think the one we made looks great alongside the limestone wall.

We were happy to be able to work with the clients, the Architect (OBMi) and D&J Construction on this home addition. The family is also pleased with their new home improvements, so we’ll consider that a sign of a job well done.