Our Workshop

Our Workshop

First time visitors to our workshop tend to leave quite impressed by the amount of equipment and expertise available to us. This year we celebrated 40 years in business, and you can imagine the amount of furniture and tools that have been accumulated over time.

If you have yet to visit our Middle Road, Devonshire location please feel free to come by in the New Year even for curiosity’s sake.

We deploy traditional and modern techniques in our workshop, and are always keen to acquire new machines that improve the quality and timeliness of our work.

Regarding antique furniture, the traditional joints, glues, stain and finishes are the antique’s foundation. Utilizing traditional materials during restoration are necessary to keep them historically accurate and beautiful.  In both our restorations and reproductions, traditional animal hide glue is used for repairing joints and a special ‘reviver’ is employed to remove dirt and restore the shine without damaging the original French polish finish.

Antiques need to be taken care of and that means restoring them in the traditional manner. From the art of veneer to inlay to marquetry and parquetry we are able to these same “old world” techniques to restore or reproduce a piece.  These kinds of techniques ensure quality and beauty of a piece.

Modern techniques and equipment are also necessary to acquire out of necessity. There are a lot of exciting developments in the woodworking industry, and we try to stay on top of what is both new and effective. Lumber such as Accoya, synthetic materials, and emerging technology such as 3D printing are all improvements on traditional building methods.

Regarding Accoya, it is now over two years since we secured a certified Accoya distribution partnership. It is now our standard wood type for our shutters and windows, and has been formally recognized by Bermuda’s Historical Building Advisory Council as the preferred wood choice for historically listed property renovations.

We are proud of our abilities and the pieces we produce. Merging modern technology and traditional techniques is the key to creating quality pieces that are not only beautiful but that last for years to come.