Outdoor Carpentry: Building Custom Spaces Just for You

Outdoor Carpentry: Building Custom Spaces Just for You

With a climate like Bermuda’s it is a sin to not enjoy the outdoors as much as possible.  Design trends have moved from a simple patio set to full on outdoor living areas and our T-Made Custom Carpentry division is seeing more requests for detailed outdoor spaces.

Building materials and techniques are changing to where you can have complete living spaces outside from decking and furniture right down to accents.  With Bermuda’s year round climate people are not only able to enjoy outdoor areas and create entertainment spaces, they can also justify investing their time and money into them.

The first space is the Outdoor Kitchen:
For the at-home chefs and grill masters we are seeing a rise in outdoor kitchens, perfect for entertainment and an outdoor feast.  Similar to your indoor kitchen, think about how you want to use it and what you need.

We have experience building outdoor kitchen islands, cabinets, storage units and outdoor furniture; and can assist you with determining the best value for money when deciding on new outdoor features.

Next it’s all about relaxation in the Outdoor Living Room:
The key to a great outdoor living space is the flow from indoors to outdoors. Creating beautiful open areas will make your home feel twice as large if you can incorporate windows and doors that open fully between the two. Our custom carpentry division has built many styles of doors, from sliding to French to custom designs that allow you to transition easily from your home to your patio.

Finally you can’t go wrong with a Dining Area:
When entertaining, an outdoor dining area is necessary. If space is at a premium, consider furniture and accessories that serve multiple functions. Tables and benches may have built-in storage are immediate examples.

For seating options, Adirondack chairs are a great example of comfortable long lasting outdoor furniture. Also known as Muskoka chairs these are a popular choice for any outdoor area, and have become one of the most requested pieces for our Custom Carpentry division.

We always enjoy creating custom outdoor spaces, and building furniture that is functional and beautiful. Investing time and money into creating these spaces will help you further enjoy the outdoors and create shared memories with your loved ones.