Refresh Your Old Furniture

Refresh Your Old Furniture

Summer is well on its way and that means bringing out and cleaning your beaten up and rusting patio furniture. After months being neglected there’s still hope. Old furniture, be it indoors or out, can be brought back to life by stripping and refinishing them.

As our founding division and obviously our namesake, our Stripping & Refinishing division continues to save clients time and money while setting the standard for stripping and refinishing in Bermuda.

Wooden and metal furniture truly takes a toll in Bermuda’s climate. After years of paint, rain, use, and sun furniture may be looking a little less for wear. Stripping them down can restore a piece to near original condition, making way for a fresh new surface ready for an attractive finish.

The problem with stripping & refinishing is that between the chemicals and the removal process it can be both time consuming and difficult, if not dangerous, for someone to do it on their own.

Mechanical stripping methods, such as scraping and sanding, damage wood and can irreparably harm their vulnerable surfaces.  Our chemical stripping process preserves the profiles of woodwork and does not injure the wood in any way. What would take days or weeks by hand can be done efficiently in a day in our stripping workshop using dip tanks and hand application techniques.

Once stripped the piece is open to your imagination and are ready to be refinished. There are a number of finish options to choose from making your possibilities endless. Any finish can be completed with a color match or we can match a piece of furniture or wood clients bring in.

Utilizing a professional service, such as ours, is not only faster and efficient but ensures your furniture is handled safely and comes out perfectly. Stripping & refinishing your old furniture can get them summer ready and patio worthy and is far less than the expense of buying a new product!