The 3 Signs That Tell You it’s Time to Strip & Refinish

The 3 Signs That Tell You it’s Time to Strip & Refinish

There are many warning signs to know when you need to maintain, clean, update or renovate your property. What is worse than when a hurricane comes and your shutters have swelled or rotted? Or it’s BBQ time and your patio furniture is rusted and flakey?

These may seem like small problems but they can lead to larger ones; unstable patio furniture can be a safety hazard and your damaged shutters are unlikely to mitigate any gale force winds. No one wants a kid around some rusty furniture or splinter filled floors, or even worse poor grandma sits on a chair that’s seen better days and it falls apart.

This is when you have to heed the warning signs and know when to strip and refinish your pieces to keep them in prime shape.

Warning Sign #1: Mold or Mildew
If there is one nuisance in Bermuda that we all battle with, it is mold and mildew. Nothing good can come from your pieces being affected by either. Beyond the obvious health issues that come with mold and mildew it’s also aesthetically displeasing. Making sure your piece is properly cleaned and maintained ensures this won’t happen.

Warning Sign #2: Rotting or decay
The second warning sign is rot or decay. A piece that could fall apart at any moment is a piece that is completely useless. What’s worse is that for many pieces you may not even know the rot is there or is that bad. Take the time to check for rot, even if it’s a small amount, and get it inspected. Your piece, if valuable, can be restored rather than dumped.

Warning Sign #3: Broken or missing pieces
The most obvious of signs but you’d be surprised how many people don’t get these fixed. Small breaks, scratches, dents, and other visible wear and tear often gets overlooked but they are vital to keeping your piece in working order. Functionality is key in any piece be it wood or metal.

As our founding division and obviously our namesake, our Stripping & Refinishing division continues to save clients time and money while setting the standard for stripping and refinishing in Bermuda. Think about your family, think about your health, and think about your safety. Look for the warning signs now and strip and refinish a piece before the chair buckles!