Weathering the Storm

Weathering the Storm

Hurricane season is upon us. As we know preparation is essential to ensure that your home and family are protected, and we at BS&R can assist with getting you ready.

Before the Storm:

Shutters are intended to protect your window openings during strong wind gusts. If they are not functional i.e. are partially rotten or have missing hardware, their usefulness and integrity are compromised.

Whether metal or wood, shutters that are rotting, rusted, seized, or flaking will not be of much use to you. Inspect your shutters in advance of hurricane season and identify potential compromises. BS&R are able to repair shutters, strip and refinish them, or simply build new wooden ones. The normal lead time for each service ranges from 7-21 days, so it is important to decide on whether you need to fortify your home weeks in advance.

Additionally, your outdoor living areas, decking and fences should be inspected to ensure their sturdiness. Many of us have outdoor kitchens, cabinetry, pergolas, etc to make our outdoors as enjoyable as can be. Make sure they are coated with the right kind of finish so they’ll last any weather and ensure that hardware is tightened and there isn’t anything loose before a storm. Stow away or latch anything loose and get anything that needs to be fixed done right away.

After the storm:

Take time to walk around your property. Check for damages and anything chipped or rusted. With all the wind, salt and water from the storm many pieces, especially wood and metal, are going to be a little worse for wear. We can also provide insurance estimates for your affected damage, however lowering your risk of a claim beforehand is recommended.

Assess whether any damage is minor or something a professional has to take a look at. If it’s a simple fix; tightening of hardware or a few missing screws/nails, go the DIY route. If the damage is more than that considerable, call an industry expert to either fix or replace it.

You have many options available to prepare your property before a storm. Avoid the hectic last minute preparations and plan your strategy in advance. Hurricane season is officially from June 1st to November 30th. Consider us as you begin your plan to weather the storm.