‘Tis the (Restoration) Season

The team at BS&R have a passion for antiques, and our showroom is full of stunning pieces that validate this sentiment. In Bermuda we are lucky to have such a rich history with many of us inheriting beautiful buildings, pieces, and furniture. Many of those items have seen better days and are sitting around collecting […]

Accoya’s Inspiration

Accoya is a leader in innovation and inspiration. More and more Accoya is being used in unique projects and places where wood wasn’t an option in before. One of Accoya’s main benefits is its versatility. Because of Accoya’s many performance benefits people are able to utilize Accoya in some pretty inspirational projects. Wherever you can […]

Designing the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

They say the kitchen is the most used room of the house, so it makes sense that you’d want yours to not only look nice but also be practical. If you’re going to be in it every day you want a space that works for your lifestyle, right? There are many elements that go into […]

Saving a Heritage Building with the Help of America’s Cup

Bermuda was hit with America’s Cup fever a few weeks ago and it’s lead up created a lot of jobs and projects for the island, for us included. As the Cup was becoming a reality the renovation of Building #9 in Dockyard quickly turned into a larger scale project for BS&R. The conversation about renovating […]