Designing the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

Designing the Perfect Kitchen Cabinets

They say the kitchen is the most used room of the house, so it makes sense that you’d want yours to not only look nice but also be practical. If you’re going to be in it every day you want a space that works for your lifestyle, right?

There are many elements that go into creating the perfect kitchen; from layout to workspace but in our opinion it all comes down to cabinetry and drawers.

As builders of custom cabinetry we get asked a lot about how to create the perfect kitchen cabinets. The answer is it varies depending on tastes, lifestyle, use and budgets. Keep in mind that, in a typical remodeling budget, about half of the cost will be allocated to the cabinets alone.

The Plan:
Cabinets need to be beautiful as well as functional so consider what you want and where you want it before going into aesthetics.

Fold newspaper pages to the size of various cabinetry pieces and appliances, then move the pages around within the space. This is a perfect way to determine just how big a center island would be in your kitchen, or how big a new built-in wall cabinet should be.

Asking for cabinet design help from a professional can assist you when it comes to choosing cabinetry that is balanced in proportion and scale. We are able to describe certain design factors that can impact those cabinets, such as materials like Medex MDF. It’s stable, machinable, moisture resistant and a perfect product for veneering. It is also less expensive than typical cabinet ply as well.

The Design:
A space should be comfortable and easy to use for anyone, regardless of age or ability. Consider your work zones in the kitchen and how you can make it easier to function in this area. Would a spice drawer be useful next to the stove? Would corner drawers give you more storage rather than dead space?

With custom cabinets, the sky’s the limit. Practically anything you can dream up you can have built. Sizes and dimensions are variable and can be customized to fit specific spaces. When customizing, you can select from a myriad of specialty features, and the quality of workmanship will be high.

We like to suggest ergonomic kitchen designs like raising the stove and dishwasher for easy access, receptacles under the upper cabinets so they aren’t visible on the wall, different counter heights, and using drawers instead of doors on bottom cabinets.

The Aesthetics:
Creating the perfect kitchen cabinets for your space all comes down to the details that make it perfect for you. Do you need a lot of storage? Or spend a lot of time in the kitchen and need to multi task? Do you love texture and design elements?

Stylized kitchens today are created with details that can make any kitchen unique. Light-stained wood can be used against rubbed paint or dark finishes, and a variety of doors, features and hardware can be combined creatively for a distinctive look. Glass panels, raised panels, scalloped edges, open shelving and overlay doors are just some of the design options you can choose from.

Maintaining a sense of balance and unity is the challenge (and the fun) in custom designing a kitchen. If you’re going to be in more than any other room you better enjoy it. Because in the end if a kitchen isn’t functional then it’s a waste of space.