Accoya’s Inspiration

Accoya’s Inspiration

Accoya is a leader in innovation and inspiration. More and more Accoya is being used in unique projects and places where wood wasn’t an option in before. One of Accoya’s main benefits is its versatility. Because of Accoya’s many performance benefits people are able to utilize Accoya in some pretty inspirational projects. Wherever you can imagine wood, imagine Accoya wood…

…building bridges
Accoya wood inspired OAK architects to design two wooden heavy traffic road bridges for the city of Sneek in the Netherlands. Accoya was finger jointed and laminated into large sections measuring 1.08 x 1.4 metres to create these innovative structures, the first of their kind in the world.

…opening doors & windows
Accoya wood is a brilliant material for windows and doors as it offers improved thermal insulation in comparison with commonly used wood species and is more durable and dimensionally stable than the best tropical hardwoods. Coatings last longer and it is perfect for transparent, translucent or opaque coatings … whatever captures your imagination.

…finely clad
Accoya wood is suitable for cladding, siding and façades where aesthetics, stability, durability and less frequent maintenance are considerations.

…on deck
In specifying decking, jetties and pontoons, beauty, strength and all-weather performance are important. A dimensionally stable material that will stay flat and has very minimal bow, cup, warp and split and will not be affected by fungi or rot is desirable. It is also important that the wood is non-toxic and therefore safe for people and animals. Accoya wood meets these requirements.

…in the shade
Accoya wood is an excellent choice for shutters, louvres and solar shading. At Scottish Widows’ Exchange Place development, eye-catching bespoke solar shading and ventilation louvres were incorporated to prevent excessive heat gain. The system included 1,060 Accoya wood fins. The solar shading has a life expectancy of 60 years and the finish applied carries a 10 year warranty.